Detective Services

Dear clients, we would like to introduce you our detective and security agency called SODES, which has put together and offers professional detective and security services. These services help our clients with solving the difficult life and commercial situations. Our agency also offers counselling in case when there‘s no need to use detective or security services.

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Detective Services
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The Activity

The services provided by private detectives and private security services for their customers are the concessionary business whose contents is determined by the Czech Republic Government’s regulation number 469/2000 of volume enclosed like number 3 this way:

The private detective services are services connected with:

The services of companies providing the guarding of possession or persons are connected with:

The condition for practicing of this concessionary activity is determined by the law number 455/1991 code about entrepreneurial activity in the supplements 3. There‘s demand on the secondary school education with graduation exam and the good reputation of all employees §6,§2 of the law n. 455/1991 Code. The Home Office of the Czech Republic is the authority of the state administration which evaluates the application for the license. The assessment of this application is influenced by § 1 § 5 of the law n. 451/1991 code according to which the conditions of reliability for providing with this concessionary service are determined.