Detective Services

Dear clients, we would like to introduce you our detective and security agency called SODES, which has put together and offers professional detective and security services. These services help our clients with solving the difficult life and commercial situations. Our agency also offers counselling in case when there‘s no need to use detective or security services.

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About us

The private and detektive Agency SODES provides with komplex detektive and security services at professional level since 1997. We put emphassis on speed, effectivity and absolute discretion.

Our team consists of members who have been dealing with these probléme at professional level for long. Our team members have suffcient experience and knowledge. They can deal in speciál situation and they are ready to solve it. Our seat is in Brno and our aktivity is spread not only in the Czech Republic but in some cases in foreign countries as well. We Orfee help in individual crises as well in commercial critical situations. The private detektive agency is a member The Czech Chamber of the detektive service.